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+100 Watchers Request 1.0

REQUESTS FOR andraya, halcyon_suki, baptistsweetie, wunderkind_lucy
zoocrazypill, devon99 & berrieland

(*)Only the icons (except devon 07 - 09), for other stuff ask the user.

By the way, i'm feeling a little upset. It's the third time someone request me and after do it she/he deleted her/his journal. Please, if you change your mind about the request, TELL ME. My time isn't free. I post the icons anyway because I take my time to do it (i'm so bad making icons with screencaps). Sorry if I sound a little bit angry but this make me really sad. Anyway, hope you like your requests and if you want to change something or see any mistake just tell me. Next part soon :)

andraya: Tu request es una mentira como una casa y las dos lo sabemos, pediste hueco pero nada en concreto así que me he inventado lo que he querido y además pienso robarte el wall. Pero te lovio y espero que algo te guste (aún te dejo pedir lo que quieras xD).

wunderking_lucy: Hi sweetie, I made only your header because andraya is still making your icons (the pics are exactly the same, I think) :)

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Fashion ★ Red

Request Post + 100 Watchers

I promised andraya if our new community reached 100 watchers in a few days, I would make a request post. So, here I am, thank you so much for your lovely support, we didn't expect such wonderful words and so many watchers in a couple of days. Really, thanks to all of you. So, for this time, you can request anything you want (icons, banners & profiles...) I'll try to make my best for u. Only one rule: medium or HQ Pics (Btw, I'm not good to making disney or anime things, but I can try :). All comments will be screened.